Basic Service Package

Peace of Mind Home Watch


Peace of Mind Home Watch
  • Verify that all doors and windows are secure and undamaged
  • Inspection of landscaping to see that gardens are healthy and being maintained
  • Gather packages, newspapers, and flyers from the front door area
  • Check that garage doors are secure
  • Return trash cans from curbside if needed
  • Check for storm damage or vandalism
  • Check that outdoor water faucets are not leaking
  • Visual inspection of pool and spa
  • Check rain gutters and downspouts
  • Check that patio furniture is secure
  • Check for drainage and erosion issues
  • Check for signs of rodents or insects
  •  Post-storm home checks available upon request


Peace of Mind Home Watch
  • Check for signs of water leaks near sinks, showers, tubs, toilets, water softeners, and water heaters
  • Check ceilings and floors for signs of leaks
  • Verify all doors and windows are secure and undamaged
  • Check that electricity is on
  • Brush and flush toilets
  • Run all sinks, showers, tubs to avoid unpleasant sewer smells from forming
  • Run water through refrigerator drinking water line (if applicable)
  • Run garbage disposal to lubricate and maintain the appliance
  • Listen for any alarms or unusual sounds
  • Investigate unusual odors
  • Check that the refrigerator and freezer are maintaining desired temperatures
  • Check that stove, oven and fireplaces are off
  • Check that the heating/cooling system is maintaining the desired temperature
  • Check for signs of insects or rodents
  • Verify that the alarm system is armed (if applicable)

A visit report is generated after each Home Watch check and forwarded to the homeowner via email.

If an issue should arise, we will make the homeowner aware immediately and follow the clients' instructions regarding a resolution and cure for them.

Personalized Services

Peace of Mind Home Watch

Although the basic service package will serve most homeowners, Peace of Mind Home Watch offers individualized services that are customized for the specific need of the homeowner and their explicit period of absence. Our personalized services are designed to make owning a second home, vacation home, or winter home more enjoyable and worry-free.

Services Can Be Provided

Peace of Mind Home Watch
  • Individually
  • Within the scheduled inspections
  • As needed
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Additional Services

Peace of Mind Home Watch
  • Mail collection
  • Water plants interior
  • Water pots on front and back patios (if applicable)
  • Clean patios and walkways
  • Run all sprinklers and bubblers to ensure the functionality
  • Start vehicle(s) while at the house
  • Run dishwasher once per month
  • Run washing machine once per month

Home Entry

Peace of Mind Home Watch
  • Meeting contractors or other vendors at your home
  • Meeting guests at your home
  • Lockout services
Peace of Mind Home Watch